Does the Edith bag soften up?

  1. I want to buy it but wanted to know if it softens seems very stiff.

  2. Sorry I forgot to add a picture....
  3. The leather itself is very soft, but it is a rather stiff bag, meaning it keeps its shape. Maybe someone whose had it a couple months will be able to tell you.
  4. The Edith is definitely not as soft as the Paddy, but it still sags in places. Probably the handles are the most stiff.
  5. I agree with my elongreach. My edith shopper's leather has gotten so soft that if not full, it can actually fold in half.
  6. Eucalypitc,

    Thank you for your reply. I wanted to ask you if you can post a picture of your Edith?
    And, how are you sticking with your purse ban? ( I wish I could do it):sad:.
  7. Here it is:



    As for the purse ban, I got just about every bag I was lusting for and I want to build up the bank for my trips to Asia and Europe in June and November where I most likely will end up with more bags (from Europe only! prices are crazy in Asia)...:shame: :love:
  8. The leather gets soft! That was a big concern for me too but the leather is perfectly smooshable now.
  9. Thanx everyone and Good Luck Eucalyptic.
  10. ShoppingNerd, I just discovered your blog! I wrote you a comment earlier.