Does the E/W flap come in red? Any pix?

  1. I would love one in red with silver hw! Anyone know if it was made?
  2. Hi Starbrite! I have seen it in red and love it!!
  3. Oooh where and when did you see it?! I want I want! haha!
  4. haha hmm I think I saw pics of it on here...I think some people must have it...I would give the stores a a call and see whats available! BTW, hows your gorgeous jumbo with GOLD hw doing??
  5. Yeah I am gonna call tomorrow. I want it in caviar with the new chain though I think! Ohhh I hope I am not too late and they are not all sold out :sad:

    I haven't used the Jumbo yet but I have been wearing it around my house. I looove it! But now I want red too! Haha my mother wants me to exchange my classic Jumbo for the Reissue Jumbo in either the Black or the Red with the new matted chain! I am not sure about the Reissues though. I know those were the first Chanels made, but I just love the CC logo on the bag :yes:
  6. I don't think the Reissue Jumbo is available in current season in either of the Black or Red with the matte chain. There's no red reissue currently. The only Black ones would be either the Black Reissue with Gold Chain or Metallic Black Reissue. ..
  7. i have a red lambskin, here she is =) (just ignore the tag, i was originally going to sell this, then decided against it hehe)

    i know of two other reds, made in caviar--though one was more of an orange, the other a hot pink.

    also a red lamb was available i believe last season--in the new chain, in a double (not single) strap. try calling pauline at sf neiman's (415) 362-3900--she knows her reds!
  8. mscupcake, your flap is gorgeous!
  9. thank you lordguinny :smile:
  10. Agreed! That lambskin is beautiful! Starbrite, did you call the 800 number?