Does the Dr. Q Groovee exist in ivory or white?

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  1. Hello!
    I'm currently looking for my summer bag...and I've fallen hard for the Dr. Q Groovee!
    Here's the trouble, I've seen the picture of this bag on the Saks 5th Ave website in an ivory/creamy color (pic attached), but I can't seem to select this color to buy it! It only seems to come in saddle or black as far as I have seen (same with Neiman Marcus, eluxury, etc)...anyone have any ideas? Maybe I'm just too late to still find this?


  2. the color is called "canvas white"--i've still seen some around in stores.
    i'm pretty sure i saw one at bloomindale's in chestnut hill, ma recently. you could try to give them a call?
    good luck!
  3. ooh...thanks eaw1!!
    i see it on some websites -- but I get the feeling they're all sold out online! crossing my fingers!
  4. the canvas white sells quick on online store - keep checking eluxury though, it pops up occassionally
  5. I saw the ivory bag pictured on at Barneys San Francisco on Saturday. It has shiny golden hardware and is a true creamy ivory (like French vanilla ice cream!) while the canvas white is more of a true white, plus the canvas white has the matte silver hardware. The ivory is gorgeous IRL, I was seriously tempted to take it home with me!
  6. I've seen that and the patchwork one in Selfridges, London last weekend. I'm not sure if they ship internationally, but it's worth giving them a call
  7. oh forgot to say the patchwork one was a Selfridges exclusive, so I guess it must be an MJ boutique exclusive too...I'm not too sure. Anyway both of them were really pretty!
  8. I saw both versions of the ivory at Bloomingdales Atlanta last weekend, you might want to call your local Bloomies since others have also spotted it at theirs!
  9. I saw it at Barney's, too. There are two kinds of white color, Ivory and Canvas White.
  10. that is gorgeous! love it with the gold HW
  11. I saw both at the Barney's Co-op at the Grove in L.A. a few months ago. The sizes were slightly different. I can't remember which, but one was slightly bigger and puffier and the other seemed a little shorter and wider. I thought it was a little strange. I will say that the creamy color with the shiny gold hardware was just gorgeous. And I don't even like white bags!