Does the double cuir bag ever go on sale

  1. hello
    I am just on love with the double cuir bag
    I wonder if any Prada lovers would know will any of these double cuir bag ever be on sale either by Prada store , Saks or NM or any other department store in the past ?
    If so when is the sale usually?
    Thank you so much
  2. saw them often at or other websites new starting by 1000 euro. Already had one in white, unpractical bag, fortunately sold it
  3. I don't think so. My SA said that they won't be on sale any time soon (or ever).
  4. This is an old thread but I wanted to let you guys know that it is and does!!!! Just left the Prada store in Houston and these were 40% off! Navy dark tan and teal!
  5. Did you happen to get prices for them after discount? TIA!!
  6. Yes I bought the navy!! $1860 :smile:
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  7. Wow beautiful
    What color are on sale do you know
  8. And what size is your bag
  9. It was the larger size! Navy, tan and teal!
  10. Beautiful thank you
  11. This is on sale at Saks presale. :smile:

  12. Yes, several of them are on sale in honolulu. the price is about $1480 exclude tax. I am tempting to get one lol....
  13. I doubt that classic black one would be on sale
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