Does the Damier Illovo MM keep its shape?

  1. [​IMG]I'm in love with the bag :love:, but I would like to know if it loses its shape over time. Also, what is the handle drop on the bag? Does it fit comfortably on the shoulder? For the price, it seems like a good deal (as far as LV goes, anyway, LOL).
  2. I have the pm & when it is full it looks just like the picture. The MM is pretty big & the handle is longer,MM sits just above the hip. I think the square pleats on the bottom will help it keep it's shape. It is just gorgeous IRL. I love it.
  3. That's a relief- I don't tend to overstuff my bags, but I'd still want to be careful. Thanks!
  4. I tried this on a few weeks ago, it is very structured and holds a good amount of stuff but that was the mm. I was surprised how good it looked IRL too, it fits purrrrfect on the shoulder w/out being too snug. I like it because it doesn't scream LV. Classy.
  5. My mom had the MM and she didn't really like it because it tends to lose its shape as she carries it. Then she has to adjust it and put it back to its usual shape. I helped her sold her bag and got her another LV bag instead.
  6. Can you pls explain? How did she have to adjust her bag, and why did it lose its shape if the bottom seems to be reinforced? TIA!