does the daimer papillion bleed

  1. does the daimer papillion bleed like the daimer speedy???
  2. I don't think it should...isn't it leather-lined like the mono pap?
  3. I don't have one, but I think I remember some people saying that it didn't because the lining was different.
  4. I read that it is red cross grain leather and I was wondering because again it is red will that transfer...anyone out there on tpf know for sure???
  5. i don't have one but yeux does. yes it is red cross grain leather and nope it doesn't transfer.
  6. It's my understanding that the bleeding problem is only happening with the damier speedies because they have a red textile lining, which the papillons don't have.
  7. I've heard the illovo is transferring, too.
  8. The lining for Papillon is in grained leather so there is no bleeding problems with this bag!
  9. I had myself convinced my Illovo was bleeding, it wasn't though. I was caught up in the frenzy & took my Groom walle into LV because I was certain it had transfer..nope, it was exactly like the new ones in the case. :shame:
  10. I don't think the coloured leather bleeds - but I've heard some of the ladies on the forum brought a light coloured cloth with them and asked if their SA minded if they just rubbed the interior a bit to make sure there was no colour transfer.

    You could possibly do that if you're really worried - but it sounds like from all the people who've posted already that you don't have a problem to worry about!

    The interior of the papillon should be the same as the interior on your red groom pochette wallet. :yes: oooh - that'd look SO good together!!! :love:
  11. :yes: :yes:
  12. ohh please do not tempt me...I am sooo tempted they would look cute together..does daimer and mono look good together???
  13. Nope, they have grained leather lining, very easy to keep clean.
  14. i have the damier pap........nope, it doesn't bleed......
  15. Mine doesn't bleed either.