Does the Cruise Navy Caviar Jumbo classic flap come with Gold HW?

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  1. I did a search on the Cruise 08-09 Navy caviar jumbo timeless classic flap, and I only seem to find this bag with Silver HW. Since the Red caviar came with Gold HW too, did any stores carry the navy with the gold? Thank you in advance! :smile:
  2. I love the pale gold hardware on the Cruise Red Caviar jumbos, and I think that it would look exquisite with the Cruise Navy caviar. If anyone knows if my dream combination exists, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it! :yes:
  3. I was at Chanel this weekend and all I saw was silver with Navy. It was amazing!
  4. Hi Steph!! Thanks so much for starting this!! This navy caviar + pale gold hw is my dream combination too!!:drool::drool: I remember that in BG's Cruise09 lookbook, there is such a thing but I'm not sure if it's real or not. If you have SAs from BG, maybe you can ask them? Let us know if you have any luck, ok ok? If yes, I will get one after you. Heheheheheh.....
  5. Wow Steph, that would be gorgeous!! :nuts: I'm on a pale gold frenzy right now too. If I hear of that combination, I'll let you know.
  6. i have one and it is gorgeous!!
  7. ^^^ Hi Mia! :smile: Thank you so much for reminding me that the BG Cruise lookbook listed our dream combination! After I saw the Mobile Art navy patent flap with the brushed gold HW, I fell in color with this leather-hardware combo! I used to be a strictly silver HW girl (except for the matte black reissues), but now I am starting to be more open-minded. LOL! :P I guess I'm coming up with new justifications for adding to my collection. Hee hee! I will see if BG actually received this bag, and if they still have it in stock. I haven't seen anyone buy this combo on tPF, so I'm not sure if it is just some mythical concoction. I will let you know if I find one! :heart:
  8. Hi Steph! You're not the only one who has turned to the "gold" side. :P I think it was my matte black 227 with gold hw that turned me. Now I have 4 bags with gold hw and more are welcome to join the family. We need pics when you get her please. ;)
  9. Hi Jenn! ;) I have become obsessed with pale gold hardware too lately. I was strictly a silver hardware gal for years, but then all of a sudden I became enamored with gold chains. I guess it was the gorgeous matte black reissue that did it to us! :nuts: I chose the Cruise red caviar jumbo with silver HW, but I want my next flap to be with gold. Since I tend to wear a lot of black and dark neutral-colored clothing, I like the extra oomph that the gold hardware provides. If you hear anything, please let me know sweetie, and I will do the same for you! :yes:
  10. ^^^ Ooh, you're so lucky zoopla! It must be so beautiful! Have you posted pics here on tPF? Where did you get it? Thank you in advance! :smile:
  11. Bad news! I just spoke with an SA at Bergdorf Goodman, and she told that Chanel did not go through with making a Navy caviar jumbo with Gold HW. :sad: This may explain why no one has seen or bought this mythical bag. I left a message with Chanel customer service to make sure that this is truly the case with all Chanel boutiques in the US. I guess it wasn't meant to be! :crybaby:
  12. Aw, sorry to hear that Steph :sad: Any word yet from customer service on this?
  13. ^^^ Chanel customer service never called me back, Nath! So I called a couple of stand alone Chanel boutiques and they echoed what the BG SA said. I'm surprised that they would pull the plug on a navy and gold pairing. That is such a classic combination, and would probably sell relatively well.