Does the color of the Gold Chain tarnish on the GST?

  1. Hi Chanel Fans!!

    I was wondering if the Gold Chain tarnishes as time go by? If not Tarnish...does it turn Silver or anything like that?

    Thank you!!:tup:
  2. I have only had mine 8 months, but had a fair bit of use and no tarnishing whatsoever here :smile:
  3. Hi chloe-babe!
    Thank you!!! How do you like your GST??? Does it get heavy once your things are in it?? YAY!!!
  4. No, its not a heavy bag to me, (but I used to use the chloe paddingtons, and after that nothing is really heavy lol ;) )

    I love it, I dont use it as much in the winter months, as the top is open, and it only has one zipped compartment to close, but its just one of those lovely bags you always find yourself returning to :smile: