Does the color of leather fade over time...especially ROYAL MAC

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  1. I'm interested in buying a royal mac, love the color but scared it will fade over time.

    Can you ladies, whom have the ROYAL and especially in the mac style advise before I make my purchase?


  2. Hi! I've never noticed fading on any of my RMs. I have an original Royal MAM and the color on it is still beautiful.
  3. I have a MAC but in Cobalt blue. I don't treat it very well and the colour is fading in some areas. Leather conditioner does not help. Particularly at the piping and the top of the bag; they're noticeably lighter in colour.

    I've only had it since April. Consider it almost daily use (too lazy to swap it out plus I really love the size).

    Anyway one thing about the MAC is how the metal zipper under the flap might eventually cause wear and tear from friction on the flap. Same problem with my Swing (gold). I had to adjust the zipper every other time I use it so it doesn't stay in an area and rub the colour off.

    Compared it with a friend's MAM whose zipper part lies a little flatter.
  4. I've attached a picture of my MAC with the top part stretched over to the back. The colour difference is quite obvious. You can see the piping going light as well at the back part of the bag.

    That said, it's buttery soft! Bags are meant to be worn and not babied, but the condition of my bag makes me sad.
  5. Thank you for telling me that...I've pulled the trigger and ordered it off Revolve Clothing. It'll be my first RM! :smile:

  6. Thank you for the picture comparisons!

    I actually have other bags to switch around so I am just using this from time to time when I need to go light and handsfree!

    But thank you very much for taking the time to take the pictures!