Does the coffer comes in this shade of pink?

  1. As above.
    image%20%281%29.jpg IMG_3162.JPG IMG_3164.JPG
  2. Looks like rosa to me, I haven't seen the rosa coffer before but I can't see why it should not come in this colour. MM made many styles in rosa last season.
  3. ahh, ok thanks!
    i haven't seen mm in this colour before somehow, so pardon my ignorance :p
  4. so sweet! havent see this color tho!
  5. Yes it did come in that color.
  6. I have the miu miu coffer in this shade of pink. are u looking at purchasing one?
  7. yup interested.. is the colour true to the photos? good colour for my first coffer? :p
  8. yup the color is true to the pic, more to the dusty, salmon pink. can't advise if it would be a good color for the first coffer as I had it for months and had not used it yet for fear of dirtying. I am thinking of selling it off to a better owner...let me know if you would be keen!
  9. how much would u be selling it for?

    is it glazed calfskin btw?
  10. aww lovely color!! I am about to get my black glazed one soon ;)
  11. i thought u got it already? saw your post a few days back about it :cool:
  12. No I ordered it ;) Sorry for confusion :smile: