Does the Coach outlet sell fakes??

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  1. I tried selling a purse I got last year from the Coach factory store on eBay and someone reported it as fake and my auction was yanked.

    How could this happen? I have no idea how to tell if the bag is authentic (I'm reading through some threads to try and figure it out) - I just assumed that buying it from a Coach factory store meant that it was authentic.

    Can you all tell me what you think in terms of authenticity? If it is in fact not authentic, what should I do? Take it to a Coach store? Unfortunately I've had this bag for over a year and don't think I have the receipt anymore. If the bag ends of being a fake, I'm going to be angry & embarrassed for accidentally posting a fake on eBay.

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  2. Nope! THey do not sell fakes.!!!!
  3. No a outlet will never sell a fake!!
  4. No they don't sell fakes. That bag is fake because the drilldown shows a way different purse.
  5. Sorry, what's a drill down? I'm new here so I'm not sure what that is.

    If it's fake, is there anything I can do? How can this happen? Is it from people returning fake bags for authentic ones?
  6. Are you sure that you got that at Coach outlet and not a 3rd party retailer or somewhere else? That does not look like an authentic product for several reasons, and I do not see the marking that every item sold at an outlet has.
  7. Good luck, but I would be willing to be that they won't be of much help. That bag does NOT have the markings of anything sold there.
  8. Thanks. I'll let you know what happens. I'm also going to go through my receipt drawer - I"m hoping I still have it.
  9. keep us posted on this! do you still have the tags or anything? There has to be a way to look it up in the computer some how. Did you purchase this or someone else purchase it and say they got it from the factory store?
  10. Oh man, I am such a dolt - thank god I didn't call the store and complain like I was going to. I drove home in a range and ripped through my receipt drawer - I haven't purged my receipts yet. I bought 5 Coach bags that day, 3 came from the Coach factory store and the other 2 came from the Bealls Outlet store - I think the other one I got there is fake too :sad: I did a ton of shopping that day, I don't even remember going to Bealls.

    I'm so p*ssed right now at accidentally buying two fakes.. thank goodness the one got removed from eBay but I've been carrying the other bag for the past 5 months. I'm so embarrassed. I'm not sure what do with the two bags now.. I think I'll mail them both to my sister so she can cut them up for an art project. ugh!!
  11. Yep, 2nd bag is definitely fake to *(&$#*$&. I looked up the serial # using the drill down tool posted earlier and mine doesn't match the picture :sad:
  12. oh man that does suck. sorry!!