Does the cles come with a dustbag?

  1. I'm not sure where it was, but I remember seeing a picture of someone's cles with a dustbag. Does it usually come with one? I just got a box with my mono cles. :shrugs:
  2. Mono cles does not come with a dustbag.
  3. I don't know, I got mine from an eBay seller, and mine came with a Dustbag. And a Drawer Box. My Cles was a MC White Cles. So I do not know if Mono Cles' come with a Dustbag. I would think it should come with a dustbag. but I'm not sure!
  4. Depends on the cles. From my experiences, any special edition (cherry blossom, cerises, groom), MC, or vernis ones have a dustcover. I have a mono cles that did not come with one but, my new damier azur did. I'm not sure about other lines.
  5. My damier cles did :yes:
    laura 2918.jpg laura 2919.jpg
  6. You may want to ask your SA for a dustbag.
  7. i have 8 of them and all come with a dust bag
  8. Just got the Groom cles for xmas, and it did come with a dustcover and box.
  9. My one and only vernis one did.
  10. My perforated cles did not come with one:confused1:

    I should talk to the SA...
  11. All of mine did
  12. My Damier came with one also.
  13. My epi and mono perfo both came with a dust bag.
  14. I just bought a mono cles from an LV boutique and it came with a dustbag.
  15. both my damier and damier azur did