does the classic chloe paddington have strap included?

  1. hi ! i finally got my blue nuit chloe paddie and it is really a beauty. i cant wait to start using it and definitely its debut is tomorrow when i turn fabulous 30 !:yahoo:

    however i just have a question, since ive seen so many chloe paddies here in the forum and blog, im not so sure with two things:

    a. whether the chloe paddie has a shoulder strap included always or it depends on the bag ? i do recall seeing some paddies with extra long straps to make the paddie become a shoulder bag. do i have to buy separately for the strap?

    b. what is nicer for blue nuit paddie ? gold hardware or silver hardware ? can i choose or is it gold hardware always for blue nuit paddies ?

    would like some enlightenment on these matters ! the website of chloe clearly does not elaborate !

    thanks so much girls, and thanks for ur greetings too. i know the bag is already here so i have to make do with it but then i guess for my next purchase i would like to be able to give more specific instructions and choices to my buyer in new york, thanks !

    from warm sunny manila ..... :jammin::wlae::p
  2. Hi Orange,

    one batch were made in 2006 of a shoulder strap variety, but it made the bag even more expensive, and didnt catch on, so no, a regular paddy would not have the shoulderstrap, and they do not sell it as an additional accessory. (you would have to track down an older bag specifically known as the regular paddington with shoulderstrap).

    Blue Nuit - Gold Hardware only.

    Hope that helps
  3. chloe babe dearest,

    thanks so much for the prompt response ! you really earn the distinction of being a chloe babe ! thanks for clarifying these questions that i dont know where to find answers to. i guess in a way when i buy things, i really like knowing my options and made educated purchases.

    one more question then, what should be the color of my next purchase then ? i'm torn between tan and jaune (or juane / mustard color). which one do u think is better and more of a best seller ?

    im right now enjoying fully my blue nuit paddie. cant wait to have another one, maybe a mini only. =)

    thanks again ! ;)
  4. oh you cant go wrong with Tan, but taupe is an incredible alternative, I have posted a piccie of them with a blue nuit I used to have so you can see the contrast.

    But before all that, I have to wish you the biggest happy birthday for tomorrow. What a lovely present to ease you into your 30s!!! :biggrin: