Does the City come in a nice grey shade right now?

  1. I don't remember seeing a grey fo '06, but could have missed it.

    If there is a nice grey color right now, any clue where I can find one?
  2. No it was SS06 so you best bet would be ebay but there's a dark grey in the new SS07 collection. May be you'll like it. You can see the swatches under
  3. There is a lovely warm grey called greige for FW06. I usually dislike greys, but I totally love this one.
  4. I agree!:yes: The color greige is lovely!:heart:
  5. Don't forget about the 2005 grey as well, which is darker than the current grey.
  6. I love greige too. But it can look kind of beige in some light, so if you are looking for a true grey, you might not be happy with greige.
  7. Greige is gorgeous.:love: When I got mine they sent me several pictures. Some were more gray, some mor beigy gray. I wanted one with more beige but they were all beautiful. Fantastic color. Lots of depth, it reminds me of marble.