Does the Chanel iPod case fit the iPhone

  1. Has anyone tried to fit their iPhone in the iPod case. If so, was it successful without looking funny?
  2. There are two sizes that the iPod case comes in. There's a Nano version and a 5g video version. The latter is the one you want since the dimensions are roughly 4.5 x 2.5 and the iPhone is supposedly 4.5 x 2.4... I don't know about the depth though. You may want to do some research on eBay and Google since I have no clue!

    Hope that helps!
  3. [​IMG]

    I'll check. I have an iPod case. The only iPod cases I've seen are in the Cambon Ligne and fit the regular size iPod and the MINI (not the nano). I had one in the smaller size and it did not fit the nano.
  4. oooh!Good question..LOL..Jill needs a stylin IPHONE case...BAD!!!
  5. Thats a great idea but it looks like the bottom of the case would cover up the mouthpiece and part of the set button of the Iphone.
  6. The love of my life (DH) bought me one for our one year wedding anniversary:yahoo:. He's the greatest!!!!

    The problem is that I find different measurements for the ipod case on eBay, but I guess it's for the different iPods. Search goes on!
  7. Did anybody find out the answer? I got the itouch...not the phone. I would LOVE a chanel case for it!!!
  8. Haha, I was just wondering this the other day, because my b/f got me the iPhone and I need me a cute case! :p
  9. Great question! I need a case for my iPhone as well!
  10. where did you find the above chanel case??? and how much were they? i live near frankfurt germany and have been looking for a chanel case for a while. thanks.
  11. omg those are so cute!
  12. anyone knwo iphone fit or not?
  13. I used to own large ipod case, and it did not fit nicely with my ipod. i think the ipod is little taller than the case. and finally i decided to sell the cambon case. ;(
  14. Aww i need one too for my iphone!! Wished Chanel would make one !!
  15. Hi everyone,

    I actually have both of those chanel ipod cases, well one for mine and one for my mothers ipod, and sadly they do not fit any of the iphone versions. I tried fitting them in the first day I got my iphone and sadly the bottom of the ipod case covers the main iphone button and the iphone is too big/length wise for the ipod case. My sister has the newer iphone and she even tried and it didnt fit hers either.

    I guess we just have to keep going into the chanel boutiques and request them to finally make one. I mean its about time. Louis has one, burberry has one and juicy has tons =)

    Juicy girl