Does the chain of baby coco cabas hurt your shoulder when the bag is full?

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  2. I have problems with Chole and MJ bags coz their original weight of bag itself are quite heavy. I never have problems with my cabas bag. Oh! but my are the baby one.
  3. My coco cabas chain was fine too. The bag is pretty lightweight, and I don't carry loads of stuff. I have the leather baby cabas.
  4. while i carry a lot of stuff, it's not heavy so no, the straps aren't uncomfortable.
  5. Yup...same here, my paddington and stam are relatively heavier, so can't have it on the shoulders for too long... I have used my black baby for more than a week now, so far no complains, the leather is soft so you don't feel bulky under your arm... I have tried having a magazine and a shawl in the bag, still feels ok...
  6. the baby cabas chain doesn't hurt my shoulder, i didn't put tons of things in my bag though....
  7. to be honest, it does hurt my shoulder sometimes..maybe when I carry my bottled water?im not really sure though
  8. the chain strap on my baby cabas doesn't hurt my shoulder. but it does leave an imprint in my skin when i'm wearing spaghetti strap tops.