Does the Canvas also change its color after some time?

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  1. I just a new Mono Speedy 35. The Canvas is really beautiful when it's new, shiny and soft. I compared the new Speedy with my 4 month old Speedy 30 and it was a difference!!
    The older Speedy is darker and the newer Speedy has a lighter Brown!
    I made some Pics which I will show you later, because my camera isn't working right now.

    Does the Canvas really change? I mean, it's really harder when it's older....can you do something against it? I want my Canvas always to look new!
  2. In comparing my oldest bag (petite noe purchased 16 years ago) I see that it has a "duller" finish. Not as vibrant. I posted a comparison sometime last year. I'll see if I can find the post. Also, my mono cles which I purchased back then does not look the same as the newer mono. It's also more dull looking.
  3. When I have seen ladies with their Speedies and there is some patina on the handles, the monogram does seem it deepens over time. I'm not sure how this occurs, but I think it looks fabulous!
  4. not only does it dull but from several vintage bags ive seen the canvas becomes a lot softer... bringing on the "sag" which many hate but I LOVEEE.
  5. The mono print can change over time....also it can look different because it is screen printed on, in different batches, in different parts of the world.

    I have seen it look yellowish, tanish and more khaki (greenish tint) at times.