Does the Cambon Ligne EVER go on sale?

  1. I was just browsing through eBay and came across a medium size cambon ligne tote with a Neiman Marcus tag (still attached) marked down to $799.00... This made me kinda suspicious because, if I remember correctly from a really old posting, apparently Chanel never goes on sale... Does the Cambon Ligne Tote ever go on sale?

    If so... can someone help me find them :yes:
  2. Sure some Chanel goes on sale. . . it depends on the color.
    Last year the pink, beige w/ black, python variety and some black/white when were marked WAY down in the US stores.
    They weren't selling so sell, so they discontinued them here and put them on sale.

    Chanel isn't on sale often, and they don't do a random 30% off like regular retailers do.
    They just clear out what isn't selling from time to time.
  3. I'm not sure if the Chanel boutiques put handbags on sale - shoes and clothes, yes - handbags, I'm not sure.

    But the department stores have put purses on sale - especially after the season. We'll advertise here when we find out about any sales so keep looking.
  4. swanky and mon covered everything :yes:
  5. thanks so much for the input :smile:
  6. The Canada boutiques put the Cloudy Bundle collection on 30% discount last December. I was able to get Nordstrom to price match my Cloudy Bundle tote when a lovely Canadian PF member posted about the sale.

    Nordstrom will price match sales as long as they have the inventory in stock and confirmation of the discount from the store or boutique holding the sale.