Does the box come with every purchase?

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  1. Hi there I'm quite new to LV and just bought an Epi Bowling GM.

    I'm really loved this bag as my first
    I'll post some pics tommorow:p

    but....I didn't get the box
    the box is out of stock at that moment
    so they wrap it up using a paper bag
    I told them i want it in a box cuz i love those boxes
    the SA told me to call back within a week
    but it's been 3 weeks and still no box:crybaby:

    Just wondering is it my right to have that box or it's not necessary for them to give the box

  2. here in hong kong i usually have to ask for a box for my bags. the wallets and mini pochettes come with them automatically but for my alma, speedy and bh i had to ask for one. i don't really know what the standard is.
  3. No, they don't have to give you a box but it is your right. I've had SA's not give me a box, some have given me a box or they ask. I usually tell them I don't need them anymore. But if you really want one, bug them about it. BTW, welcome to TPF!

  4. Eluxury has sent me boxes for every item I've bought.
  5. oops where are my manners? yes welcome to tpf! i wouldn't have remembered it if kuuipo didn't mention it.
  6. I think it depends on the store and also the item. I didn't get boxes for anything from London. KEEPALLS dont usually come in boxes, neither do agendas. You should get boxes for virtually everything else allthough i'm not sure about clothes.

    It doesen't seem like there are any standard sizes on boxes I've gotten different size boxes for same items.
  7. Ask them for a bigger box if they don't have a box that fits your bag perfectly.

    Thats what I did last time when they told me they ran out of box.
  8. Welcome to the PF and congrats on your purchase ...I haven't always received boxes for bags suhali lockit, my le tal, gange, speedy didn't come with any I guess it depends on your SA and what boxes they have in stock at the time of purchase.
  9. Always here to help;)
  10. i never got any boxes for my bags :blink: only for the small things like wallets, cles etc..

    mayb i should ask for one next time :happydance:
  11. I must have a lovely SA, she always asks if i want it gift wrapped (box, ribbon, tissue paper with sticker to keep it in place).
  12. Yeah, I always get a box. But had to tell them not to.
  13. i always get a box but then again my SA knows i love the boxes. however i don't think it's required of them to box it up for you unless you ask or unless you specify it's a present. welcome to the tPF and enjoy your new bowling gm!!
  14. I always get a box and i do not ave to ask for it. I love the boxes and I keep all my purses on them.
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