Does the bow satchel come in different types of leather?

  1. I went to the Miu Miu store today to have a look at the bow satchel. Initially, I prefered black but after looking at it I'm not so keen now as the leather didnt look/feel soft or luxurious at all.

    Unlike the one that evilarchitect has that looks so soft and buttery. see here:

    The one I saw at the boutique today looks like this:

    So now I'm at a loss. I really don like this leather.
  2. The bow satchel's leather isn't real "buttery soft". It's more like a pebbled leather. It's not like the Coffer leather. :smile:
  3. Thats what I thought, pebbled leather. But the black one I saw today at the boutique wasnt pebbled at all. You cant even see a single grain. Smooth, and kinda stiff. Very different from evilarchitect's one which looks, ok maybe not buttery but at least smooshy.

    Justified, that eBay listing belonged to evilarchitect who goes around here. Should be authentic.
    I also saw the nude pink yesterday at the store. Again the leather is different from the black one. The SA told me, all fall/winter bags are treated with something to make it look like lambskin, softer.
  4. oh ok...good to know:tup::tup:
  5. but again, why is the black satchel in different leather? :confused1:
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  7. I know! Gray is THE colour now. I saw it on other bags as the bow is oos in gray. But they have ordered and new stocks will be coming in. Have left my number for them to call :smile:
  8. I got the answer from the SA today.

    The pebbled leather was made/treated to look like lambskin and thats last season. So last season's black was also in pebbled leather.

    This season's ivory and black is untreated and so look like normal calf leather.

    However, this season's gray and nude are treated to look like deerskin. So in total today at the store, I was staring at all 3 types of leather hahaha.....
    Guess which I bought? :graucho: Pictures to come soon :p
  9. Miu2, how many bows do you have? Would love to see pics of your brown suede!
  10. My simple explanation is Last Fall + Spring had pebbled, and this Fall has Vitello which is smooth with no grain but isn't nappa matte.

    Miu Miu's gotta make updates somehow!

  11. I wanna see your pixs!!!!:beach: