Does the bottom of your reissue look like this?

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  1. Hi Girls!!!!

    i just come across a very interesting fact with the reissue or may even apply to the classic flaps!

    i came across two auctions on ebay selling purple met reissues... both seem authentic however... one flap has a bottom made with two pieces of leather sewn together and one has a bottom made with a single piece of leather... i've attached photos to be clear...

    could you please share with us how the bottom of your reissue looks like? I thought it a bit strange that the bags should come into two versions of the bottom cuz I would think this would be something that's the same for all bags... in the same style...

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  2. I am not sure about the smaller sizes, but for the 226 and above the bottom is two pieces.
  3. My 226 have two pieces, and 224 has one pice.

  4. the auctions are for exactly the same bags though... both 226 i think?

    but one has two pieces and one doesn't...

    i was just looking at the yahoo HK auction sites... and there are heaps and heaps of the metallics that look very very real....

    and there seem to be a lot of the metallic reissues on ebay now... i wonder if they're all authentics.... seems those people are getting better and better at copying and making fakes nowadays... and some how i feel that by pointing out tips of authentication here... we're giving them pointers...
  5. My 227 has 2 pieces sewn together. In pic#2, the pieces don't look like they've been joined well. Not sure of the authenticity of the bag, but that for me might ring a few alarm bells.
  6. mine looks like this for size 227....but my reissue is the anniversary one!
  7. The 225 also has one piece. I believe the first bag is a 225.
  8. mine 226, 227 and 227 are all 2 pieces joined
  9. I have a 226. It's two pieces.
  10. Mine's 227... 2 pieces joined too tootoo
  11. :yes: all my 266's and 227 are two pieces joined together.
  12. mine 226 is like that, its normal i think
  13. Here is the bottom of my 226:

  14. One piece for the 224 and 225 and two piece for the 226 and 227.