Does the Blackberry have a place for a charm or the such?

  1. I got a blackberry recently and it and the case are exactly like my husband's and it's annoying me as I never know by sight which is which.
    I've looked on mine but can't tell if there's a place for a charm like my other phones. Does anyone know?
    And if not, any suggestions on what to put on it to make it stand out from my husbands?
    I'm pretty sure this is as difficult of problems that I'm going to have to deal with in 2008.:okay:
  2. no, mine doesn't have one. i think there are charms that come with that linking kit to adhere it to the phone.
  3. Just airbrush a giant M on the case!
  4. Is it a regulary blackberry or the Pearl? I have the pearl and I have a charm on it. If you turn it around, you can see the spot on the lower left, below the battery compartment.
  5. I have the curve and i don't have a place for a charm
  6. no idea, sorry.:shrugs: just stopped in to say hi mich and wish you a happy 2008!:heart:
  7. i have the pearl, and yes it does have a place to put a charm (lower right corner if you are looking at the front of the phone). however my dad's blackberry curve doesn't.
  8. for those with the pearl what is your wireless carrier? I have verizon and the selection of blackberries they have all suck
  9. I just switched to TMobile. I'm going to sound like a commercial but I love them. Best rates by far. They're saving me $30 a month and I have more services than I did with Sprint. :tup: They have the cute Blackberry Pearls too. I have a white one :smile:
  10. I could care less about tech stuff so I just had my husband go get me one due to needing it for work.

    It's not a pearl, I know that...(only cuz I wanted to know if I had a choice other than black! LOL. You know, the really important things!)

    Are there any...sticker-esque things I could put on it up top? Not a sticker really, but you know, something. My life is very complicated, isn't it?!:lol:

    Charles! I can't even come back with a witty comeback you turkey.;)

  11. How about you get a different colored case? Like, your favorite color or something? Other than that...I don't think there is anything else you could put on it unless you put a sticker or something. It doesn't have a place for charms.
  12. ^^^They make those cases in colors?! LOL I'm seriously in need of getting in the know!
  13. my bf and i have this problem all the time, we both have the curve. but his is alot more beat up then mine, thats how i tell lthe difference between ours. lol
  14. I have the world edition and I don't see a place for one, but I've never used a charm.

  15. Mshel::heart:

    Here is a pic of my blackberry. I purchased a case from Vaja. These are handmade and take about 21 days to receive. They come from Argentina Total quality cases in an array of colors. Mine was 69-70. I purchased Sand Dune for me and black for my DH. We both had the same phone and the same problem as you and your DH.