Does the black onyx Havana have contrast stitching?

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  1. Really close to finally ordering one, as it seems like a comfy everyday bag, and I really need a black one, but... I see contrast stitching in every photo but the one HH just emailed out about the Luckymag sale tomorrow! I don't want it if it does have contrast stitching.. *shudders*

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I just ordered one about a month ago. Mine has black stitching. I really like it. My only issue is that the opening seems a little narrow when I'm digging around for lost items.
  3. I have a Black Onyx carryall, it has tonal stitching.
  4. Yayyy thank you both!! Well, my wallet doesn't thank you but the hole in my wardrobe does! =D
  5. I sort of hate to ask but what Luckymag sale tomorrow???

    ETA ~ ok, I got the e-mail in my alternate address, not the one that I usually use for ordering but I don't have a need for a black Havana although it's lovely.

    And quit telling me that there are items up to 80% off in the stores OK HH????
  6. yeah seriously!