Does the black inclusion keyring look good on mono bags?

  1. I originally wanted the beige inclusion speedy keyring but ended up ordering the black because I wanted a new one from elux and only noir was available.

    Just wondering if anyone has opinions on what color keyring goes with what bag, either Damier or Mono? Any pics of a black keyring used as a charm on a mono bag?

    I may even just use it as a keyring only, but then I wouldn't be using my cles anymore and how could I do that?

  2. Personally, I'm not into the inclusion keyrings and I don't like stuff hanging off my speedy's. I think the bags are beautiful as is and don't need any decoration.
  3. Sandra's post....Her bags w inclusion keychain
  4. :lol: you saved me the trouble of hunting for the photo!
  5. Sandra, i couldnt forget that pic, i fell in love w the damier (i just got one a few days ago:yahoo: ) & it made me put my name on the waiting list for the berry one so that i can put it on my damier:love:
  6. thanks! just as I suspected, the black really looks best w/damier.
  7. what about the white or the berry???
  8. i think they look good with the Multicolore or Vernis bags, somehow. i'm going to get both too :rochard:!
  9. oh yes,
    i haven't seen those yet but I bet they'd be great

    I just meant that between black and beige, I think black goes best w/damier.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. ^^ Wow nice!! I like the white one! :love:

    Off topic... but I'm lemming for the inclusion hair cubes :crybaby:
  12. gee I have yet another obsession....they are beautiful! I want them both!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  13. I think it looks super cure!!! I want one now!