Does the black hardware on the Paddys scratch?

  1. Does anybody have an idea how well the black hardware wears over time, compared to the bronze or silver?

    More importantly, are the black on black paddys hard to get? Im just now planning on a purchase for that bag as soon as I find the right opportunity. I know the style looks timeless, but do you think with the new quilted and smooth leather models this one will look dated? Not that I even care...I just love that look!

    Ive blogged about this a bit, but if anybody has any leads of where I should be looking let me know...Im determined to get at least a few hundred bucks off. is the Louis Viaroma sire in british pounds? The conversion rate it so bad. Seems like aloha rag might be my best bet; do you think it will EVER go on sale? Who knows, maybe with the new season theyll come down.. Why cant Nordstroms put their Chloes online? It would make life so much easier!
  2. try Nordstroms, that's where i got mine on sale, but it was the baby. and yes the hardware chips and its more noticeable since it is silver underneath. it is a gorgeous! i love the leather.