Does the Bedford come with a 'baby bag' like the Papillon?

  1. Thanks!! I am not totally sure and I forgot to check yesterday while I was at the boutique:smile:
  2. I don't think so... :sad:
  3. Darn!! That would have been so cute:sad:
  4. :crybaby: Nope. But it would be adorable if it did.
  5. nope. I wish it did too!
    I mean its double the price and the tiny vernis tube would be superrrrrr cute!
  6. oh but the epi soufflot does...:smile:
  7. No.... i used to have a bedford, but i sold it because it's too fragile.. IMO... i wish they did... oh what a cute li'l vernis pouch ...
  8. Nope, but it'd be really cute if they did :yes:
  9. ^^Agree!

    But imagine how hard it would be to get it in & out of the bedford :yucky:
  10. Urgh that sucks!! For the price, it totally should!! :sad: