Does the Batignolles horizontal come in damier?

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  1. Does anyone know if the batignolles horizontal comes in damier? Does anyone have this bag? How do u like it??
  2. Not yet..someone was going to see if you could special order it but I'm not sure if you can yet since it's still a pretty new style.
  3. Aww thats too bad...the other bag that I am considering is the Damier Speedy 30...I was thinking about the Saleya GM but I don't like the zipper on the front of the bag:sad:
  4. No it doesnt. I tried to SO it but they said they wont take special orders until next year :sad: . I personally think they will come out with it in Damier. Apparently the BH is one of the best selling bags for LV.
  5. It is such a gorgeous piece, Selena. Keep us posted when you do get to order it:smile: Do you know how easily the BH fits over the shoulder?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.