Does the Babylone come in more than 1 size?

  1. just curious...I could only find 1 size on ELUXURY and wanted to know if the Babylone comes in other sizes?
  2. I've never heard of various sizes of the Babylone but I definitely could be mistaken.
  3. Thanks, I think there is only 1 size but wanted to check since ELUX doesn't have every LV for sale on their site. Thanks!!
  4. Just one size. I've had one for years. It's a great bag - very large - no vachetta on the bottom to worry about - nice longer straps to fit over a coat.
  5. thanks, just as I thought....I might be putting it on my list for 2007, thanks for your repsonse!!!
  6. Yeah there is only one size. It's a great bag! I don't have one but I'm planning on getting one after I've graduated and have a "real job"... A friend of mine has the babylone and she uses it for work. It seems really good for papers and things like that.