Does the baby cabas charm thingie come off easily?

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  1. love the bag. hate the dangly logo. Hate all logos for that matter. Can someone tell me if it comes off easily, i.e. without tools?
  2. The logo charm is attached by thick metal links. The good news is the links are not welded shut so one could easily be opened to detach the charm, however, unless you have super human strength, you will definitely need tools!
  3. Not a huge fan of the charm, either, so I just tuck mine inside the bag when I wear it.
  4. I had to laugh out loud at your comment about super human strength. The charm will not fall off unless you pry it off WITH tools.
  5. can it be REALLY tucked away? I hate that thing! but I'm afraid if I removed it or even had a jeweler remove it, when I put it back on to sell some day in the future, it would be scratched or marked. What do you think? would that be possible?
  6. You could definitely remove it without damaging the charm, however, the link you open (there are several links between the chain strap and the logo charm) might get scratched or damaged in the process. The links are pretty thick so they might be hard to pry open, even with heavy jewelry pliers. Still, it can easily be done if you're willing to risk a "tweaked" link.

    P.S. I agree that it can also be tucked inside. It might slip out every now and then but for the most part I think it would stay hidden.
  7. yeah you def need tools. but mine slips in all the time anyway when I'm wearing it. I keep banging my bracelets and the straps on the charms, I'm afraid it's gonna be all scratched up soon.
  8. That charm is pretty heavy, so once you tuck it in there, it pretty much stays. I have not had it pop out at all.