Does the azur get real dirty?

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  1. I'm in debate on whether to get a monogram or azur...I really want the azur but I need peoples opinions on wearing them in the winter because I know it is more of a summer bag. Also- one of my biggest concerns is with keeping the azur clean..Does it get really dirty easily??!! help!!!
  2. I prefer the monogram, just because I don't think the patina of the leather works well with the azur IMO
  3. I almost bought the azur 30 today because I think it's so lovely but I decided just to go with the azur cles so that I wouldn't worry about dirt etc. But I think anyone should go for the azur as it's so beautiful.
  4. azur is actually my favorite bag to wear in the winter because it really stands out in the mass of dark colors. i feel like i tend to wear so much black in the winter that an azur bag looks so nice with my outfits..keeps them from being too dark.

    also, azur doesn't really get dirty easily. you have to take care of the vachetta, but thats not specific to azur=)
  5. I prefer Mono simply because I feel it looks better than Azur with patina.
  6. Thanks peachy pink for the links!

    OP,please do a search,lots of on infos on Azur. Thanks!
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