Does the Aureilla MM look better in black or white?

  1. There is a general thread on the aurellia MM but, I have a specific question for vuitton lovers...does the aurellia MM look better in black or white in your opinion...I value the opinion of the the people on this site so I though that I would put the question out there....would have put the question on the other thread but, appears that there is no activity and the question is different....TIA :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. I keep telling this to you :P, but def. BLACK!!
  3. I like it in black.
  4. Black
  5. I know I know...thank you sweetie...just after a few people saying it looks fake and tacky makes me wonder does this style of bag look better in white...I like getting honest opinions because there is no store in my town and I hate having to return things....think it would be easier if I saw both IRL...I have never seen black MC IRL...saw white and thought it was cute not fake or tacky...
  6. I generally prefer MC in white...but that's just me.
  7. I don't have either. I think they both have their merits and the ones I've seen on this forum and IRL look lovely.
    In the Aurelia, if I had to choose, I'm gonna go with white. Now, I like the Aurelia also in the black, but prefer this style in the white.
    I like the speedy better in the black. Different styles look better in black/white IMO.
    I have never seen one that is real and thought it looked tacky. Some of the fake ones I've seen in either color look atrocious, but I have never cringed at a real one. They are too well designed to look tacky IMO.:yes:
  8. good point maybe folks thought that the fake ones look tacky in black MC...I like both colours personally...
  9. I think its one of the few MC styles that look better in black :love:
  10. I love everything in black MC LOL I'm no help!
  11. Black is very sharp.
  12. i think black would be easier to take care off and would look match with darker vachetta..

    im in the mood for black MC atm so i might be biased :biggrin:
  13. MC Black!!!! :love:
  14. Black! I much prefer black MC- so much less ubiquitous than the white.
  15. Black!!