Does the Antigona Loose it's Shape Over Time??


May 16, 2016
Hello TPF Fam!

Starting off the week with a quick question for any current Antigona owners.

I was reading the weekly Q/A section on one of my favorite blogs and a user asked if she should get a Gucci Diyonisus or the Givenchy medium Antigona as her first luxury handbag. The blogger, who has the both bags, suggested that she get the Gucci because the Antigona looses it shape over time [emoji15]

This was very shocking to me as i've never heard that before and it looks like a very structured bag. It's also concerning because I plan to purchase the black medium Antigona in the grained goat skin as a birthday present to myself this spring.

So I'm seeking the feedback of current into Antigona owners who've had their bag at least six months (preferably a year or more.) Would you say that your bag holds its very structured shape or would I be better off going with something else?[emoji53]

Any pic you have would be most appreciate but of course not necessary [emoji18]


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May 25, 2006
It depends.

If u carry it everyday for 6 mos+, and u put heavy things in there, and u let it get wet often, ie not take care of it, then yes, it will lose its shape.

Ive had my med for 5+ yrs and no issues with losing its shape. It depends on usage and individual. Also, the smaller the ant, the harder it is to overstuff it, and therefore, less chance to lose its shape, but also no impossible.