Does the alma have the Made in ___ heat stamp in it?

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  1. I got my yellow epi alma but I've never owned an alma before so not sure.

    Mine has the alcantra purple lining and the date code but no "inner heat stamp or tag?"
  2. I think the epi Alma has the same stamp on the side at the bottom that the mono Alma has. No patch. Date code tag in the pocket, right?

    Isn't the purple and yellow pretty?
  3. Yes it's on the side.
  4. [​IMG]

  5. Mine doesn't have a heat stamp, but does have a date code in the inside pocket - right hand side, and the stamp on the outside.
  6. hope this helps
    IMG_1501.jpg IMG_3849.jpg
  7. It should not have a heatstamp on the inside!