Does the Ali really scratch that easily?

  1. And if so does it take alot away from the bag? Is there anyway to prevent the scratches? I love the look of the Ali but am not easy on my bags.
  2. Yes, the Legacy line scratches easily. You can rub out the scratches with the oils from your fingers. If you are hard on bags, the leather Ali might not be for you.
  3. Humm, what about the Applegurad does that help? I'm on the larger side and really need a purse that hangs on my shoulder as opposed to a tote. I like the looks of the Ali better than the Ergo.

    Does the Ergo scratch easily?
  4. Coach does not recommend using any products on their Legacy Line - not even their own products.
  5. If you get the Vintage Ergo Hobo or the Vintage Ergo Tote you will not need to worry about the scratches as they rub right out with your fingers. Why don't you try out an Ergo Hobo. They are really great! Don't worry about the scratches, they just add character to a bag and show that your bag is being loved. Just get the bag you really want.
  6. The legacy leather does tend to scratch easily. I have the whiskey Ali and even though it gets little scratches here and there, i've been able to rub them out so far. I got it in early Dec. and it still looks pristine. It's such a beautiful leather that the scratches don't really take away from the bag though. I know it will age really well and look good in whatever state it's in.
  7. They all scratch! Unless you carry them in a paper bag! Some less, some more. Somebody should just tell me THE HORSE IS DEAD, Or that maybe I am because I USE APPLE CONDITIONER ON ALL MY LEATHERS Ergos and Alis. The conditioner protects and conditions leather and hides the scratches.

    Some of you (and beat me up later) are LOYAL to a fault! Coach say's this, Coach say's that. And who at Coach really cares.:wtf:

    I don't care if buy Coach, Apple or Monkey conditioner, just get some!
  8. Entheos you make me laugh. I knew I had read someone who used the Appleguard regardless. If it's good for leather I don't see why it would hurt the leather of the pusre.

    I hate not living near a Coach Store. I wish I could try on an Ali and an Ergo and see which I like best. uggh!
  9. Entheos, you crack me up! Because of you, I actually used Apple conditioner the other day on my white Ali and it looks fabulous! I had used it for more than a week so it looked a bit dingy. I wiped it down gently with a baby wipe then let it dry. I then carefully applied Appleguard conditioner with a soft cloth and again, let it dry. It looks fabulous! I haven't done this on my Carly leather and I honestly don't know that I need to as the leather looks the same now as when I first purchased it in spite of using it often.

    To answer the OP. I have a white Ali and it has not scratched. I notice it gets a little dirty but it wipes off easily with a wet wipe.
  10. I've gotten a few scratches on my whiskey Ali, I kind of like that look. They do rub out easily using your fingers.
  11. I have a black leather Ali and I've never noticed any scratches (and like you, I"m not easy on my bags either).
  12. entheos, could you possibly give us a primer on exactly what you have done/used on your bags that did not damage them - and in what order? I see that apple has several leather products - cleaner, conditioner, and garde, and I'm unclear on in what order they should be used for best results. I am so afraid to do anything to a new bag that might damage it, so I am being a little OCD about instructions. I'd hate to ruin a bag because I didn't know what to do. I'm most interested in what your process is for the vintage vachetta ergo and the legacy leathers.

    sorry if i'm being lame and too detail oriented, but i figure one can never be too fastidious in protecting an expensive purchase. :smile:


  13. Well since I just bought an Ali I'm interested in the answer as well. Where do you all buy this product also. I live in the middle of nowhere so I'm sure I'll have to order online.
  14. that, i can tell you - i just ordered the leather care kit and a can of garde, so i have a little of everything to try! i may make a guinea pig out of a non-coach leather bag, just in case. :smile:
  15. Go to

    I have used Apple Conditioner on new/clean Ali's, Ergo, Vachetta, finished pebbled leather (not nubuc). It's easy. Pour some on a soft cloth (velour baby towel) and apply it all over then buff it dry.

    I use Apple Rain Guard on suede, dusted metallic suede, nubuc and fabric bags. Follow directions on can.

    It's okay to be cautious, do a test on the underside of the strap or flap.

    I have not used the Cleaner If anything were to happen to one of my bags that the conditioner could not buff off gently, I would rather have it professionally cleaned. But that is part of the reason for the conditoner. It cleans and protects.

    There are a lot of fearful bag owners. But I have always applied protectants to leather. I have a leather topped writing desk. I used the Brahmin (bags) leather conditioner on that for years?!? It worked. If something adverse happened to my bags I would not be recommending it at all.