Does the '07 Paddington lock peel? Anyone know?

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  1. I'm curious if the new gold colored paddington locks scratch and peel the way the original locks did, or has Chloe corrected this? Please share your experiences with the newer hardware-- Thanks!
  2. From my understanding the 07 lock isn't brush coated with a matte finish like previous locks, so no it shouldn't peel like older paddy locks usually do.

    I think an 07 lock could still get scratched up if it was banged around a lot though.
  3. I have been "off" Chloe for a while but I was so surprised yesterday while browsing at Saks that NONE of the Paddy locks were scratched. Usually they are brutalized when out on the floor but these were all dare I saw perfect. It does seem like they're doing something different.
  4. I jusy got my 06 and it got a little scratch on the lock the first day. :sad: I'm guessing this is normal based on your question!?!?
  5. I asked this same question a little while ago.

    It would be good to hear from some 07 paddy owners who have used their bags heaps, and how the hardware has lasted.