Does the '05 Day have this?!

  1. Hey ladies, I'm having serious issues here.

    Does the '05 Dolma Green (or any Days from the same season) have leather inside of the exterior pocket?!

    You know how when you unzip the outside pocket, there is usually leather under the zipper part on the inside.


    Help. Please. :sad:
  2. I don't believe so. I think they started doing that in 2006? Anyone else?
  3. I think some of them have it in 05, but not all, some only, but wait until someone here can help as well with this:yes:
  4. fayden - I :heart: U.

    I hope you're right. :sweatdrop:
  5. Help help help!
  6. Oh RERE, don't worry, none of my bags before 2006 have that leather part. And my twiggy from s/s 05, the same as your Day, doesn't have it. Don't worry girl!
  7. danae, thanks sooo much. I swear I've been so excited to receive it and when I got it I thought something was askew cause of the missing leather.

  8. YAY you lurve me! hahaha
  9. Glad I could help! :happydance:
    I think that the leather part was introduced in fall 05 or spring 06.
  10. Thanks ladies. Will post pics soon. :p
  11. holy cow, did you get it already???
    and no, your dolma should NOT have leather on the inside - they started that in f/w 05 i believe - i have an s/s 05 black day that does not have the leather on the inside, but my f/w 05 olive does!

    you are in the clear girl!!
  12. A Dolma Day!! That's a first on here, I believe. I was just searching recently to see if such a beauty existed. You're so lucky -- I can't wait to see pics.
  13. nicole, that was fast like lightning huh? [ ;

    Just a second! I'm giving her a nice conditioning as we type.

    Pics tonight. =D
  14. awesome!

    moving to Ref for well, future reference ;)
  15. Ooh, I want to see pics as well. I've started thinking that Dolma might be the next color for me, but there definitely don't seem to be very many around.