Does Tano make a bag that fits these requirements?

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  1. Hey all!

    I'm looking for a bag to take with me to Europe for 3 months. I only want to take one purse to use as a day bag, so it needs to be cute and functional.

    I really want a zipper-top and a flap, but am beginning to realize that they don't really exist. I need a comfy crossbody bag that can hold a Sigg, camera, and other touristy-travel stuff.

    I have used my Boogie as a school bag, so I know Tano can take some abuse and keep on ticking (plus they are fairly budget friendly). I haven't been paying attention to the new styles, so I could use some help.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. maybe a mona lethal? you can wear it cross body OR on the shoulder, and you can fold over the top in order to "close" it...
  3. It's an older bag, but sounds like a Getting Warmer might work.

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    That's funny, I thought of the same bag and then scrolled down and saw your post! As far as Tano goes there seem to be a few crossbody bags like the Wunderkinder and also the Mona Lethal (I like that bag) that looks good.
  5. How about the Never Frou Frou in Black? Here's why I think it would work:

    • It's designed to look good as a shoulder bag or crossbody style
    • It has outside pockets for keys/cell/etc/easy access
    • Black goes with everything
    • It has a zip top closure for security
    • Crossbody will certainly be important when you're doing lots of walking

    You could also get a small wristlet or something to toss in a larger tote bag, but this is a great size for fitting water bottle/light jacket but isn't so big that you'll be tired of lugging it, especially since you have a crossbody strap.

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  6. I was totally thinking a mona lethal because of the zipper top and the fold over.... but really, most any cross body bag by Tano will probably do the trick - they are big but lightweight and travel oh so well in all sorts of weather!

    I'm so jealous that you're going to Europe!!!
  7. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm off to do some researching.
  8. Great minds think alike!
  9. ^ :ghi5:!