Does Tae Bo work??

  1. Hey! I posted on here quite a while back saying I want to lose 40 lbs. Unfortunately (and predictably!) it didn't work out, mostly because of my laziness! :tdown:

    Anyways, I was looking through the net and came across a website, where they strongly recommended Tae Bo, The Firm or Hip Hop Abs and said it was possible to lose 50 lbs in 5-6 months that way.

    I had a look through some Tae Bo videos I found on the net and they seemed like fun... but I wanted to ask you guys before I started. Are they any good? Has anyone really lost that much of weight in such a short period of time? Any success stories? Lol.

    If not, are there any other good workout videos that could help me lose so much that you would recommend??

    Thank youuuu!!!!!

    *loves :heart: TpF!*
  2. too loose weight you need combination of both, i did just diet due to lazy didnt exercise now i need to work out to actually loose more, with just diet i lost but i need to burn more than i used too with just less food, i think tae bo its very good specially cuz it gives you active.

    also i know and seen results on a friend with "spinning" either ina gym or in the house a gym its recommendable just an hour 4 times a week and thats like the ultimate exercise IMO to loose weight since ive seen results in other people, but to tell you the truth unless you work out no matter how or were its ok, so keep tae bo it does help.
    good luck!
  3. I actually lost 30 pounds in high school using Tae Bo and cutting my calories over a summer. Yes, it's possible, but it requires a ton of discipline. I did Tae Bo at least once a day, seven days a week. Sometimes I worked out twice, morning and night. I also ate very healthy, probably 1500-2000 calories per day. I tracked my caloric intake to make sure.

    So yes, it works, but eating less and moving more, no matter what the workout, will ensure weight loss. Good luck!
  4. taebo is probably the best and fastest way to lose weight. it's extremely intense cardio and works every part of your body...and i believe it burns a lot more calories per hour than the other typical cardio sports. it almost combines cardio and strength training because so many of the moves use your own body as resistance. the bonus is that you're consistently moving diff parts of your body so it doesn't get monotonous like jogging or elliptical, etc. it's more "fun" in that sense, but it's absolutely exhausting. some of the videos are more introductory and some are advanced; the advanced ones are hard to get through unless you're in really good shape. i think the most amazing thing about taebo is that you can do some moves that you don't think is really working anything at all, and the next day you're completely sore. either way, results from taebo are extremely amazing and very immediate, so i'd highly recommend. if you combined it with a healthier diet w/fewer calories, fast weight loss should not be a problem.

    i should add that i used to be hooked on taebo because of that, but once you stop and you're no longer in that tip top shape, you really dread going back and doing it again because when you're exhausted 20 minutes into the video, actually completing the whole video becomes the longest hour of your life! lol.. so once you start don't stop!
  5. Tae Bo is a great workout!!! It will kick yur butt!! Go for it.
  6. The problem with any exercise video is accountability. No one is making you do it, so you have to have a lot of discipline. Also, no one is coming around cheering you on to keep up and not slack off (eg do 6 leg lifts instead of 10). I think theoretically if you follow any of those videos you'd get good results. The tough part is sticking to it.
  7. I think Tae Bo does work. It's been a while since I've done the routine, but I do remember it being a pretty, kick-butt work out. But, I'm lazy, too! :shame: I think your thread has motivated me to pull out the old Tae Bo tapes.
  8. Weight loss will always be 80% diet. Working out can help to tone and reshape your body, as well as keep you motivated and make you feel better, but it is generally not an effective way to lose weight on its own (there are always exceptions). Tae Bo is a good workout. I agree that it feels like you aren't doing all that much but that it can make muscles you didn't know you had hurt the next day. It is great for core strenghtening, too. It is a great addition to a weight loss plan, but it probably won't give you the results you desire all by itself.
  9. Taeo Bo is great. Then again, I always took the classes offered at my college and didn't do the at-home videos. The classes kicked my butt.
  10. i kinda wanna try it. which video do u guys recommend?
  11. I am another Tae Bo fan. My roommate and I would do the DVDs in college when we didn't feel like dealing with the campus gym.

    Tae Bo Basic is good for beginners. I got bored of it quickly and moved on to Tae Bo Advanced and when that got too easy, I did the Get Ripped series.
  12. ^ thanks :yes:
  13. I have the tapes, and they do work, but I personally prefer Denise Austin, or Tammi Lee Webb from the Ab of Steel series.. If you llok up here name, she even has some new, more updated tapes she's released. I believe I have all of the older ones and am thinking about getting/trying some of the newer. I try to do them 5 days a week.