Does Suhali Leather fade when exposed to sunlight

  1. I got a New Suhali purse and wallet for Xmas, and it mentions in the booklet that exposure to sunlight can cause the leather to fade. It's not a problem in the winter, but am concerned about walking around in the sun during the summer months. I would hate the black goat leather to fade.
    Has anyone used their Suhali bag during the warm weather, and have you noticed fading to be a problem.

    I would be grateful for any opinions.


  2. I think they meant that for people who leave things in direct in the car, etc. It would take quite a bit for it to fade due to the dye and the processes used, but they want to warn people ahead of time.
  3. Yes, and thank you, but according to my S.A. they use vegetable dyes, and a 'natural' dying process which sounds a bit fragile to me. I hope not, because I love the 'dark rich' black, and would be unhappy if it faded.

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  4. aww im not sure how old the suhali line is so i dont know if anybody on the forum has an older one they could show you, hopefully they will post it! *mini bump*
  5. ITA- all things will fade with enough light exposure, but I think it'd take a lot more than carrying it around in the summer to noticeably lighten it. You're definitely safe :flowers:
  6. ^Yeah, I'm in California (where it's perpetually sunny except for today hehe) and have a Plum Suhali agenda that I got last year. It gets a lot of use and there's no fading at all.
  7. ^haha- it hasn't been sunny in CA for a week! I got a Ralph Lauren peacoat a couple weeks ago thing I wouldn't be able to wear it until next winter but I've been using it NONSTOP!
  8. ^Lol I know!
    It's been the same way here, but we have a lot of breaks where it's sunny. Like this morning, it started out rainy, then cleared up, then started getting cloudy again at about 2pm.
    And it's great though, I have a few coats I've been dying to wear more and I've been wearing one each day. I love it, I think I'm one of the few people here who actually like rain. :sweatdrop:
  9. I think not with daily wear except if you leave it for long periods of time AND under direct sunlight or inside the car ...
  10. Yes, I think if you left it in the car for long periods of time, it might fade.
  11. You ladies in California are killing me. I'm up to my ears in snow here in Ottawa Canada.

    I'm beginning to wonder if warn sunny days are simply a 'urban myth'.


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