Does Stillwood vertical come in pomme d'amour?

  1. any ideas? on elux it's shown in indigo and white. hmm.
  2. Nope, this is not a style that pomme d'amour is available in (at the moment at least)
  3. No. Not in Stillwood!
  4. sadly no :crybaby:
  5. Nope, the only Pomme bags are currently:
    Reade PM, Brentwood, Houston, Roxbury Drive, Lexington and the Bedford.
  6. I know, I was hoping it would be made in Stillwood, since it is made in the Roxbury and those 2 are of them same launch from 2005. Darn!
  7. No but I like the stillwood in indigo.
  8. No, only Indigo and perle
  9. I believe the Stillwood also came in the Noisette.
  10. but has anyone find stillwood useful? I had a Indigo, but return it b/c is hard to carry by hand and funky w/strap....BF said it's an expensive waste basket....:cursing:
  11. :p my bf also never liked vernis pieces espec. stillwood ( but he has exception for bedford ) ~may men never liked that shimmer material? :shrugs: bf of my friend said it looks cheap while my friend & I really love vernis pieces, so lovely like a candy :heart:
  12. not that i have seen yet!