Does Stams do ever go On SaLe???

  1. especially the bLack ones...I really wanted to score a MJ Stam on sale or such a discounted price?? How...???When...??? Where...??? Opinions or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  2. I only remember seeing the Patchwork Stam go on sale in black at I believe. I think they also had the ivory on sale. I know the Topaz Stams went on sale too recently at either Saks or NM (can't remember which). I really think your best bet is to watch the MJ sale thread because members are really good about posting what they see in their stores or find online.

    I've seen little Stams go on sale quite a bit online and at Saks and NM. Also, some of the big sales just ended so I think things will be a little quiet until right before and after Christmas. I hope I'm wrong though!

    Good luck finding your Stam!
  3. Thanks!, i'll watch that thread...