Does speedy 40 comes in damier???

  1. just wondering cos i'm thinking of getting one for weekends etc.

    the price is really good as well only £20 more than speedy 30.
  2. i think it only comes in monogram,....maybe you can special order it?
  3. damier stock speedys are only 25 and 30....anything else would have to be special order.
  4. I tried to put in a special order for one this summer, but my SA said it wasn't possible. If you get a different answer, let us all know!
  5. I once inquired about this to 1-866-Vuitton and was told it was possible for about 15% above retail and that I would have to put the order in at a store to pick my lining and other things:confused1: I never did it because I was just wondering, but I think it can be done :yes:
  6. i think it only comes in mono
  7. Give it another year or so, LV might come out with larger speedy sizes in damier seeing how popular it has become.
  8. nope now there' re only the 25 and 30 model :smile:
  9. thanks ladies, i'll ask when i next visit LV but i think i will most likely to wait for it to come out instead of paying extra for it specially ordered then the bag becomes permenant.
  10. hopefully they start making damier speedies in 35 and 40
  11. that would be great for a overnight bag...hmm. wonder if they have a damier carryall
  12. I understand what you're saying, but I think buy the time it comes out as a permanant line, the prices would've gone up to the point that it will probably be very similar to what you would pay now for an SO one.
  13. y'know, i have never seen one.
  14. If they do come out with one, I'd jump on the it.