Does speedy 40 comes in damier???


Sep 28, 2006
I tried to put in a special order for one this summer, but my SA said it wasn't possible. If you get a different answer, let us all know!
I once inquired about this to 1-866-Vuitton and was told it was possible for about 15% above retail and that I would have to put the order in at a store to pick my lining and other things:confused1: I never did it because I was just wondering, but I think it can be done :yes:


Jun 10, 2006
thanks ladies, i'll ask when i next visit LV but i think i will most likely to wait for it to come out instead of paying extra for it specially ordered then the bag becomes permenant.

I understand what you're saying, but I think buy the time it comes out as a permanant line, the prices would've gone up to the point that it will probably be very similar to what you would pay now for an SO one.