Does specchio leather scratch easily?

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  1. It seems to me to be so because I got a pair with gold specchio leather, and even though they're new, they have some scratches on the leather parts. My Cate Trash shoes have silver specchio leather, and I'm noticing scratches all over the leather, even though I haven't worn them that much, and they're in areas that aren't normally scratched on my other CLs. I just want to know if others have this same experience, or I just ended up with duds.
  2. i don't own any specchio myself but i am of the understanding that some of the metallic leathers show wear incredibly easy (the rose gold VP's come to mind) and i remember someone once scratching their bling blings and it was a PITA to try and cover up. so yes it can be delicate...?
  3. pr1nc355, quite a few members have reported that both specchio and laminato are fragile and tend to scratch/rub off easily.

  4. It definitely scratches, not as easily as the nappa metallic leather but all my specchio's have a slight scratch...which sucks because I think it would be a lot harder to get the same "Sheen" if taken to a cobbler to have it redyed
  5. Yes it scratches, but not so easy and it is hard for cobblers to color match as well!
  6. The coating comes off really easily in my opinion. I use my MAC silver pigment to do touch ups.
  7. ^^Oooh, good idea J!
  8. OOOH!! I'm gonna go buy that!!
  9. Jet, the powder??
  10. Curious your technique here, JetSetGo. I have the infamous rose gold metallic VPs. I have worn them twice, was very careful with them, and still have two huge rubs on the heels and little scratches and mars all over them! I am going to a Valentine's event tonight and would love to wear them but it really bugs me and I was hoping to make a quick home repair. I do have some Clinique metallic shadow that matches the color very closely. How do you put it on?
  11. I've used a silver paint pen on the heel of my declozeps and it worked pretty well, but I need to try Jet's idea next.
  12. Especially the anthracite specchio colour is very hard to match.
    I found an acrylic colour for kids that looks almost the same. It's water-based but still weatherproof. After applying that I polish it with a platinum metallic cream. There is one from Solitaire and another from Salamander (I'm sure you have similar products in the US).
    After that procedure they are as good as new.
  13. Yes, it's a very fine powder. I wet a brush and then dip it in the pigment and apply. It works great!
  14. Really! I know what the powder is, just making sure I was thinking of the right thing. I have tons of colors of it! lol

    I am just intrigued that you thought to do that AND it works!! Wow! I would have never guessed! Thanks!

    Does it still give the shine?
  15. I suppose I should just try it, but it sounds like it isn't much of a permanent fix. Do you have to reapply the powder every time you wear the shoes? (And thanks for the help so far!)