Does something like this actually work?

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  1. AVON- Products

    AVON- Products


    My mom got the one for the waist and I've used it about 5 times so far. It does make you sweat a little more:sweatdrop: But do you think this actually helps w/losing alittle bit of weight? If it does then I want to get the ones for the arms too.
  2. Total waste of $$$. That's ALL it does: make you sweat more. Does NOTHING to burn fat.......

    Stuff like this irritates me to death !!!!!!!!:cursing:
  3. OMG are you serious? I thought sweating meant that you lose fat or something like that...
  4. Sweat & fat are TOTALLY different substances. Sweating does not mean you are burning fat. The only thing you lose is water weight and as soon as you drink water again you gain that back.

    It's just another gimmick...... :cursing:
  5. ITA! Total waste of money :yes:
  6. Oh I see. =)
  7. waste of$$$
  8. These compaines really annoy me because they say you'll lose weight, but specifically leave out that the lost weight is WATER weight and not fat.
  9. Won't'll temporarily loose water but that's about it.
  10. Actually it's because I want to lose water weight without taking pills that I use stuff like this. I've got the everlast one for the stomach and my tummy feels so toned afterwards! it's the corset effect and not nearly as uncomfortable.

    I'm psyched about these arm bands. Thanks, Katerina! :smile:
  11. Just curious as to why you want to lose water weight Amina ??:shrugs:

    Make sure you are not dehydrating yourself:yes:
  12. I actually think using that could be dangerous, you'd be risking "overheating" wouldn't you?
  13. Because I bloat. A lot. And it ruins everything, how my clothes fit, how I feel, my face, and my mood.
  14. That is VERY true.