Does someone remember ?

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  1. In the early eighties there was a shoulder bag similar to the Trocadero but with brown leather on the small sides and a brown leather shoulder strap. Does someone know the name f this bag ?
  2. What do you mean by brown leather on the small sides?
  3. Hmm it was similar shape cross body?
  4. Boulogne?
  5. reporter?
  6. Drouot?
  7. I think I got pre loved but never Identified it
  8. If you look at the Trocadero you can see a front and backside and small sides between these. That is, what was made of a midbrown leather. The front- and the backside are made of MC. I have all the catalogues starting from 1988 but there I can`t find it. So it must be from the years before. I am also sure that it is LV and not a fake.
  9. The only ones I can think of with leather to the sides are the Cartouchiere and Jeune Fille but I wouldn't desribe those as like a Trocadero so doubt that's what you're looking for. Blois, Senlis, Jeune Fille, Saint-Germain don't have leather to the sides, just where the strap attaches.

    Don't suppose you've got a picture as that would help no end?

  11. Sac Bandouliere (although that's a translation so it may have been known as something else). Came in two sizes.
  12. Many thanks for your reply,