does someone in HK know the price of this bag?

  1. Hi gals! my cousin is flying to Hongkong next week. I want her to buy this gucci peggy bag (large size) made of white leather for me but I'm not sure whether it's cheaper there or not. Would someone know the retail price of this bag in HK$.
    thanks a bunch
  2. it's this bag...I posted the picture.
    gucci peggy.jpg gucci peggy large.gif
  3. While I'm not sure about the exact price, in Hong Kong the prices are around the same prices as the US, but there is no tax. This bag is $1695 US, so roughly about $12882 HKD (currency exchange rates fluctuate though).

    Your cousin might have to shop around for that particular bag though. Your best bet are the flagships in Central, Elements mall, Ocean Terminal and Lee Gardens/Lee Theatre Plaza, but don't forget the other stores like in Sogo o Times Square may have different stock. Hong Kong has 9 Gucci boutiques, which is a lot considering how small HK is! Good luck! It's a beautiful bag.

    It's on presale in the US now here!: But the waitlist doesn't guarantee you will get the bag, or so I've heard.
  4. Thanks a the pre-sale price in US is so cheap!! too bad i don't live there, they only deliver to to mainland US.