does someone has epi in ivory?

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  1. i'm so in love with lockit epi... but dont know what colors shld i get... i like the cassis (purple) but when my SA showed me lockit in ivory, so so so in love with it.

    currently most of my bags collection are in brown color.. and i have only 1 white color which is my speedy azur... but thinking of cassis (purple) really look nice as well, since i dont have purple bag before... but it categorized as dark color :Push:... puzzled...:confused1:

    dear someone who has epi in ivory just wanted to know
    1. does the ivory epi easily get dirt?
    2. easy to take care?

    i need ur help... :shrugs:
  2. i love my epi in ivory. so far it's been pretty low maintenance and i can wipe dirt off with a baby wipe and it comes right off! so far, so good!!! i love the cassis also, but i think the ivory looks so clean and classic. get it!!!!
  3. The ivory is gorgeous, but I am so afraid of color transfer, especially from dark denim!
  4. yes, any dirt, debris, or grey smudges (from keylock) wipes right off with a damp cloth. I use my baby wipes to do this as well. I love my epi for that reason! Oh, and I guess it is really pretty too :P
  5. I don't have it but I heard that epi ivory is low maintenance as long as you wipe it if you see anything on it... using alcohol free baby wipes or a damp cloth.
    The lockit in ivory is stunning!!!!!
  6. I love my epi ivory, it wipes perfectly clean
  7. I own an Epi Locki-it in Ivory and I love it. It's low maintainance, the color is fresh, versatile, unique, low key and the list goes on. Go for it.
  8. I have an ivory Jasmin. She is so beautiful and very classy. I take very good care of my Jasmin so she won't get dirty. I don't use her daily. But she is so georgous and classy that I don't even mind that I don't use her daily. I also purchased lockit in black epi. I was also very much in love with lockit in ivory epi but I already Jasmin so I decided to purchase black epi lockit instead for everyday use.