Does somebody own the Dior Snow Boots?

  1. ...and have Pics wearing it? Thank you:heart:
  2. ...Or can tell me how she's feeling about this Boots. I would love to have them, but I'm still unsure.
  3. Do you mean those big moonboot-like ones? :P I want them so bad! I love the white ones.
  4. Glamourette, I have this pair in white.


    They are really comfortable. It's like wearing cushioned socks. I also recommend Marc Jacobs snow boots as well. I have the in Red from 1-2 years ago. PM me if you want pics. :yes:
  5. My daughter has the Marc Jacobs snow boots that look just like the Diors. She says they're comfy. She only wears them in the snow, though.
  6. i remember seeing Maria Carey in the Dior snow boots (same as bubbleloba's) ..
  7. Thank you for the Info:flowers: :heart:
  8. This are the Rabbit Snow Boots, love this pair even more:drool: I will pm you;)
  9. I have the black ones from eLux. They're so comfy and thickly padded!! They're like way cuter moon shoes!
  10. Thank you. Can you post a Pic wearing the shoes?
  11. Sorry it took forever to respond! I'll try to get pictures for you tomorrow, is that alright?
  12. :yes: Thank you
  13. FINALLY!! Sorry it took so long :Push:
    I got these boots 2 years ago I believe from Saks.. I guess they've come out with newer ones. For reference, I'm 5'1".. hope this helps!
    1d2c388c6a55.jpg 29a7195ecb71.jpg
  14. Ooooo those are really cute boots!
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