Does Small Clutch fit iphone 5?

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  1. Hi TPFers - I want something to grab as I run out the door that can function as a small wallet and hold my iphone 5 which is in a small case. Does anyone have the Small Clutch - does it fit an iphone in one of the side compartments? I've attached a pic from the website... The details say it is 5.1 inches long and the iphone is 5 inches so I think it would fit but wanted to see if anyone had a picture with an iphone inside?

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  2. It will fit but I don't have a photo.
  3. Thanks Tutu! When the iphone is in the compartment can you fit anything else in - credit cards, cash, etc? Seems like a great cover that would be very functional and help me keep track of where my phone is...
  4. Yes, you can, but it's a very small little bag that's not meant to hold much. If you look carefully at some of the photos of Karl at shows, you'll sometimes see him with one of these little bags. It's not like a WOC or mini, it's really a tiny bag, but there's room for phone and a few cards & cash. They usually make this in different finishes and it's really a great little thing. Some come now with chains (but you'd not ever have room to put the chains inside; it's too small for that).
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391309093.036800.jpg

    Here's a picture. I can usually fit two phones and cash and credit cards in the zipper compartment. Hope this helps.
  6. I got my small clutch today in biege/gold. LOVE IT! Yes you could fit your iphone in there..

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    My iPhone 5 with Cliche cover tugged inside the small clutch. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391312667.484469.jpg
  8. THANK YOU for all these pictures! Now I am very torn as this looks very close to what I was looking for! I ordered the WOC but think I really was looking for something like this! When my WOC arrives I will have decisions to make. For those of you with the Small Clutch, how do you normally use it? Do you throw it in another bag or just carry it? Do any of you have a WOC to compare? I just wanted something to grab when running errands. I wish Chanel made a wristlet...
  9. Oh my this little bag is gorgeous! May I ask what the price for this is? I need this!
  10. Yes it definitely will fit iphone :smile:
  11. I wonder what the price of this is. I am expecting to hear $500 - $1,000. If it is anything over 600 I don't think I really want it...
  12. The current one in plain quilted pattern is $870 (fancier ones cost more).
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    My SA sent me photos of this clutch in the Valentine Limited Edition version. It comes with a chain and there are charms on the chain. Judging from the photo, it looks like you are able to carry it cross-body. It comes in both Black and Pink. I don't know how much it costs. I didn't ask because it doesn't fit my needs.

    It's very cute IRL. :smile: It's awesome if you only need to carry your iphone, credit cards and a few bills and coins..

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  14. Stunning clutch. I was at Chanel playing with this a few weeks ago. The SA explained to me that it was "Carl's" vision that this is all the sophisticated woman will need. Something to carry phone, cash, cards and small goodies, and for it to be easily transferred from bag to bag, and to carry out in the evening.

    I love it, and it fits so nice in your hand.
  15. I really really really love it!!! damn!!! is amazing!!