Does size matter?!!

  1. Girls, I"m planning buying a macbook. 13inches. :tup:

    do you think it would fit in the Signature Stripe Tote with a little extra room? Could anyone model a photo? please!!! also, what is the vermilion color avaliable in July?

    I was thinking maybe about this one ... but I don't know if the jacquard would be weird because of the reversible factor. any thoughts?

    I'd really like to purchase this on PCE, especially because the macbook is so darn expensive. and my parents don't really like the idea of a $300/400 (I was looking at the Classic Signature Multi-function) computer bag!!!

    Thank you! :yes:
  2. My personal opinion would be to get a tote with more substantial straps. JMHO, but I don't like skinny straps anyway so I am biased.
  3. ITA! Get one with wider straps or your shoulder will be in PAIN!

    I'm a big fan of having a laptop bag that's meant for a laptop just becuase there are lots of slots for the accessories etc.

    Have you considered a multi function tote or even a briefcase?
  4. Court are you "following me" today? lol :p
  5. afraid, be very afraid!
  6. I agree with the others. The straps are way too skinny for carrying something that heavy. Not only would shoulder discomfort be an issue, but I would think it would also cause undue stress on the straps and bag and it might cause them to break eventually. I know Coach's are well made but they aren't indesctructible.:smile:
  7. I carry my MacBook in a sleeve in the Weekend Hampton's Tote, and even those thick straps can be bothersome after extended periods. Go for something that can truly support the computer and everything else you'll need to carry!
  8. dont put a macbook or anything else that heavy (eventhough its rather light) in a bag with such small straps. i say get a hamptons mutlifunction tote, or anything with a larger thicker strap/handle
  9. I was eyeing the Magazine tote for my new laptop. I worry it might be just a tinnny bit too small for it tho!
  10. thank you girls!!!! my friend has the first tote and when I tried it on, the straps didn't bother me - but (duh!) it didn't have the mac in it! hahaaa. silly me.

    thank you noshoepolish for those selections.

    maybe right now isn't the Coach time for me and a tote...

    I"m still curious about the vermilion. what kind of color is that?!
  11. I want a coach tote for my iBook. Right now I am using a Vera Bradley tote. It is really comfortable.
  12. vermillion is an orangeish
  13. I would suggest the watercolor multipurpose tote. It has wide straps and a detachable crossbody strap.


    The scribble totes that were at the outlet were nice. They are multipurpose and have a wide strap. They were about $165 at the outlets on sale.
  14. i have a 13" macbook and it DOESNT fit in the regular size signature stripe tote.. it does however fit in a large signature stripe tote, which i had bought but i am selling now because i want something leather.. the straps arent so bad... any bag you put a 5 pound laptop in, you will feel on your shoulder.. heck my shoulder hurts even when the darn thing isnt in there lol!